Difference Between the Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Marketing is very important for any business to grow and sustain. And when we talk about marketing, we have to consider online marketing strategies because that’s the way marketers help brands reach their targets. There are various kinds of marketing like email marketing and social media marketing. You might think that both of these strategies are same, but the fact is they are not. They may look similar, but they are different. The results and effects of one may vary from the other. In this post, we have discussed these differences which will help you understand them better.

Similarities Between Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Let us first quickly go through the similarities between these two before understanding their differences:

They both are used for delivering messages to leads directly who have expressed in the offerings of the company.

Both are online marketing strategies.

Both can help companies earn great rewards if used the right way.

What Makes Email Marketing Different from Social Media Marketing

As mentioned earlier, both these strategies are very different from each other because of which the results they bring are also quite different. Let us now study the important differences between these two:

Segmentation of Email Lists

Lists are properly segmented which makes it a more effective online marketing strategy in email marketing, With this segmentation, it is made sure that the right message is sent to the right audiences. This helps in controlling unsubscribes and also helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Whereas, if you are using social media, this kind of segmentation is not possible because of the same message which is sent across all the audiences without considering their interest. This ultimately results in low conversion thereby making your plan a complete fail.

Response Specific

When you are sending an email then you have the liberty to include just one call to action in it and it is usually purchased. This ensures that the response is very direct. Once you have sent the message, you can forget about the rest because the ball is another court.

Whereas in social media marketing, you cannot expect it to be a specific response because when you post a tweet or status update, you will have the audiences responding. This will turn out to be a dialogue which will require you to a conversation with various people. This would be an interactive session.

It’s a Number Game

When you are using email marketing, you can easily find out the number of people to whom you have sent the email. You can easily work out the statistics, which can be helpful in the next plan of action. There are various email service providers in the market which can help you infer these numbers.

In social media marketing, you cannot actually figure out some specific numbers, but you will have a big pool of statistical figures to deal with. This is because the size of the audience is much larger. And there is a different kind of data you will be left with in the end. But you will have no count of the number of contacts who have viewed the message.

So both these Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing strategies have their own pros and cons. Therefore, you must work out a plan in which you can use both these marketing strategies to get maximum benefits. They are both meant for a different reason and hence, using them for that particular reason can help you make their optimum use. Striking the right balance between them can surely boost your business.

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