5 Ways to Avoid Security Issues in Mobile App Development

Mobiles have become the most amazing gadget in your hands. With just a few clicks here and there, you can actually do anything you wish. With mobile applications for all possible purposes, you can greatest convenience. This is the reason why mobile app development has become so popular. Creative mobile App Developers have the potential to create any kind of app, no matter how tricky your concept is. With a reputed Mobile App Development Company in Canada i.e. Apps Sensation, you can keep your business ahead of your competitors. But there is one very important thing to keep in mind while discussing Mobile App Development and that is Mobile App Security.

Activities of Hackers

You must know how hackers and their wrong intent can hamper your mobile app by fiddling with the security.
Get an access to the back end network of the company which is extremely dangerous.
Steal important data like customer details and Ids to conduct any kind of theft or fraud.
Inject malware in the app and through app into the mobile phones to get access to data on phone, passwords etc…
Fiddle with the code of the app
Find an access to IP of the company and various other important assets.
Therefore, it is very important to save on your mobile app by working on strengthening its security.

Tips on Avoiding Security Issues in Mobile App Development

We know how malicious activities interfere with apps. We cannot miss on digital hackers who make your system, customers’ information and reputation extremely sensitive. In this post, we have come up with 5 ways in which better Mobile App Security can be achieved.

Securing Back End Network Connections

Whether it is your own server or third party’s server that is accessed by the app’s API, it needs to be secured. This is important to keep the data protected by controlling any kind of unauthorized access. To do this, mobile app developers should consult network security specialist. He will check the app for vulnerability and penetration. Containerization, creation of encrypted containers for storing data, is another way to secure the app.

Securing The App Code

Usually businesses don’t prefer spending on security but it is a must. It is important to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities because of development error. And for this testing the app code is of great importance. Mobile App Developers do so by encryption. They take measures like minification and obfuscation. But while doing all these activities for Mobile App Security, you must make sure that the performance and user experience doesn’t get hampered.

Test and Retest The App Software

Conducting the test of app code is of extreme importance. Sometimes because of many apps in making, Mobile App Development Companies miss on this significant step. Just like usability, functionality and overall experience of the app, security is also important. So make sure that in order to detect possible vulnerabilities in the app code, testing it again and again is a must.

Focus on Authorization, Identification and Authentication Steps

The process of authentication and authorization is all about including another layer for better security in the process to login. The APIs used by your app should only give access to certain parts of the app which are already worked out for security. To keep the exchange of data lightweight for greater mobile security, you can use JSON web tokens. Likewise, OAuth2 is the protocol in order to manage secure connections using one-time tokens. It gives you room to customize it as per your requirement and then use it to collect credentials and secure the mobile app.

Work on Your API Security Strategy

It is very important for Mobile App Developers to have a strong API security strategy because to a large extent, it is responsible for the security of the app. And to do that you need to work on having a strong layer of identification, authentication and authorization. This can be done by again and again testing the app for authentication and authorization. Penetration testing is also very helpful in finding loops in the security.

So when you are hiring professionals for Mobile App Development, make sure that you discuss these ways to strengthen mobile app security.

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